"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it. What the world needs is people who have come alive." —Dr. Howard Thurman

noun | akk•se•um | \′ak-sē-əm\
1 : the sum of all things akke
2 : a premise or starting point of reasoning
synonym : axiom

akkseum is a continually evolving manifestation of ideas and actions. At its inception, it was, on the surface, a showroom for akke woodworks, an art gallery for akke functional art — along with other artists — and a venue for both public and private events. Now, it's a 'creative lab' that produces designs and products for both of our brands. At its core, though, akkseum is a manifesto. Built on the premise that through positive thinking and positive acting anything is possible, our mission is to absorb, create, and emit positive energy and inspire others to do the same.

With this in mind, please feel free to call me directly if you'd like to discuss a woodworking project or custom furniture piece. Or, just stop in! There's a window looking into our working studio from our open office space, so you can see us in action! We're located at 12b School Street in Northport Village, one block from the water, off of Main Street.

Thanks so much!
Axel 'akke' Yberg

akke woodworks
akke woodworks
fine interior carpentry
akke woodworks is a full-service design + build firm specializing in the cosmetic renovation of live/work/play spaces. We work in wood, metal, glass & stone. We approach our work from an artist's perspective, based on the belief that the design process is continuous and specific to each project, with every detail critical to the whole. Our aesthetic philosophy is to draw inspiration from multiple sources, using elements from established styles with our own twist to create spaces as unique as our clients.
akke functional art
akke functional art
unique sculptural furniture
akke functional art is a modern furniture design studio dedicated to exploring the dynamic between natural and industrial elements. We incorporate both finished and live edge slabs of wood with metal, glass, and stone. Each piece is built to serve a practical purpose and add a unique element of modern design to both residential and commercial spaces. These are one-off signature pieces designed to inspire and provoke.
open to the public by appointment
12b school st, northport ny             631.988.8108